Utah Noncustodical Blockchain Registry

The organizations listed below registered with the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity and were approved to be added to Utah’s Noncustodial Blockchain Registry. If you want to be added to the registry, please submit an application to the Office of Regulatory Relief. The application requests information including, but not limited to:

  • Business name
  • Authorized agents in the state, if any
  • Description of business activities in the state

Applicants must also certify that the business is a noncustodial blockchain company. Utah Code defines noncustodial blockchain companies as blockchain companies that do not have possession or control of a user’s private key. Companies must also submit an application fee after they are approved. 

A noncustodial blockchain company's registration expires after one year. Applicants may request to renew their registration by submitting a renewal application and fee. 

For more information, please refer to Utah Code §63N-16 Part 4 or contact the Utah Office of Regulatory Relief at regrelief@utah.gov.

To create a user account to access the application portal, click here. Access to the application portal may take up to one business day after registration submission following a confirmation email.
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Noncustodial Blockchain Registry

Business Name
Authorized Agents in Utah
DefiQ Inc, Giddy.co N/A