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Advances in economic development, energy efficiency, telecommuting, education and telehealth rely on broadband infrastructure. The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) works with broadband providers, local, state and federal policymakers, consumers, community institutions and other stakeholders to support broadband deployment throughout the state, improve efficiencies and expand statewide access and usage. Utah Code 63-N-501

Since 2010, GOED has collaborated with the Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center to develop and maintain up-to-date and accurate statewide maps of available broadband and statewide economic development resources.

The state endorses a broadband plan to increase deployment, bandwidth, adoption, digital inclusion and literacy across the state to businesses, educational anchor institutions, libraries, healthcare centers, tribes and other entities. Broadband is crucial to our global economy and connection to the world.

Broadband Plan (PDF)

Utah Broadband Providers

Emergency Broadband Benefit

Advisory Council

Created in 2011, the Utah Broadband Advisory Council coordinates the collaborative statewide effort on broadband adoption and deployment efforts. The Council also provides the governor and Legislature with recommendations and policy guidance. Members of the Council represent a diverse group of interests, including legislators, economic development, state and local government, healthcare, education, libraries, public safety and tribal entities.

Utah Broadband Advisory Council Report

Click here to view the Executive Summary of the Report. (2012)

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