International Trade & Diplomacy

Utah is a globally-minded state. International trade, including exports and imports, supported more than 410,900 Utah jobs in 2018. The state exported 17.7 billion in goods in 2020. Of Utah’s 3,668 exporters, 85% are small- and medium-sized companies with less than 500 workers.

International trade relies on relationships fostered through diplomacy, a highly formalized interaction governed by specific expectations and protocol. The partnerships and alliances developed through diplomatic relations are crucial to promoting Utah’s business community and recruiting foreign direct investment in the state. The Office of Economic Opportunity serves as the official diplomatic arm of the state of Utah. Each year, we host more than 60 diplomatic visits from 30 countries.

Why Utah

Utah is world-famous for its beautiful landscapes, “Best Snow on Earth,” and much more. The Beehive State, known for its strong work ethic, is among the top economies in the USA and the world.

Many international businesses chose to expand to or establish headquarters in Utah, including Adobe, Qualtrix, Pluralsight, BambooHR, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Northrop Grumman, Microsoft,, Facebook, SkyWest Airlines, eBay, and many others.

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U.S. Exports from Utah

In 2020, Utah exported $17.7 billion in goods and exported $13.4 billion in services. This link includes Utah’s top 25 exports.

Utah Trade Statistics and Ranking

Utah exports support 51,267 jobs. Out of the 3,035 Utah businesses that export, 87% are small- and medium-sized companies.

Utah State Trade Benefits

Utah was the 27th largest state exporter of goods in 2018. The state’s largest market was the United Kingdom. The state exported $5.1 billion in goods to the UK in 2018, representing 35% of the Utah’s total goods exports.

Utah Exports and Imports Trend

This link includes the latest international trade data for Utah. In Dec. 2021, Utah was #26 in total exports and #30 in total imports in the United States.

Utah Trade Fact and Figures

In 2018–2019, 5,159 Utah students studied abroad. In 2020, 8,491 international students were enrolled in Utah colleges and universities and contributed $237 million to the Utah economy.

Utah’s Imports and Exports of goods from January 2017 to August 2021

This timeline depicts Utah’s imports and exports from Jan. 2017 to Aug. 2021.

Utah-Canada Trade Fact Sheets

Utah exports $1.5 billion in goods to Canada annually. 77 Canadian-owned businesses employ 2,473 workers in Utah.

    Utah: A State Like No Other
    Utah’s central geographic location has earned the state the familiar designation of Crossroads of the West. The state is crisscrossed by major interstates that connect the east and west coasts of the U.S. and is a robust distribution hub that includes the new Salt Lake International Airport and an active rail network. People choose to live and work in our great state because Utah has something to offer everyone.
    International Business
    Are you looking to expand your business into new markets? The Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity contracts with World Trade Center Utah (WTC Utah) to oversee the state’s international business promotion activities. Visit their website to learn about upcoming trade missions, trade shows, business workshops, and grant opportunities.