Accolades & Rankings

Utah continues to be at the forefront of innovative and awe-inspiring economic opportunity initiatives. The state’s robust list of accolades is impressive, such as being the best-managed state in America and the number one state for economic outlook and recovery. Utah also maintains a AAA bond rating dating back to 1965 when Standard & Poor’s initiated its rating system. Today, all three rating organizations continue to classify Utah with a AAA bond rating.

Below, we’ve included a sampling of some of our recent recognitions.

Best State Economy

Utah ranked #2 for best state economy

WalletHub — June 2024

Best State

Utah ranked as the #1 state for the second consecutive year

U.S. News & World Report — April 2024

Best Small Cities for Starting a Business

3 of the top 5 best small cities for starting a business are in Utah

WalletHub — April 2024

Best Economic Outlook

Utah ranked #1 for the 17th year in a row

Rich States Poor States — April 2024

Most Affordable States 2024

Utah is the #6 most affordable state

USA Today — March 2024

Best-Performing Cities 2024

Salt Lake #4, Provo #5 and St. George #4 for small cities

Milken Institute — February 2024

Best State to Start a Business

Utah is the #1 best state to start a business

WalletHub — January 2024

Best State for Social Mobility

Utah #1 best environment for social mobility

Archbridge Institute — January 2024

Most Financially Literate State

Best Employment

Utah was determined the #2 best state for job opportunities

U.S. News & World Report — August 2022

Best Growth

Utah was determined the #3 best state for growth

U.S. News & World Report — August 2022

State with the Most Civic Engagement in Racial Equality

Utah #3 for racial equality

WalletHub — June 2022

Best State for the Middle Class

Utah #1 for the middle class

SmartAsset — April 2022

Best State for COVID-19 Performance

Utah #1 for its combined ranking of economy, education, and mortality

The Wall Street Journal — April 2022