Business Services

The business services team provides resources for Utah's small business owners and entrepreneurs. The team manages several initiatives facilitating economic opportunities for Utah’s businesses and communities.

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Doing Business in Utah

Check out our webpage that provides a roadmap to help you navigate Utah's business resource ecosystem. The resources listed help entrepreneurs go from startup to funding.
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Utah APEX Accelerator

APEX Accelerator helps Utah businesses successfully compete in the government marketplace. The team's representatives are located throughout Utah, providing one-on-one consulting in every county. APEX offers consulting services at no cost, and its assistance to small businesses helps entrepreneurs bring millions of dollars in government contracts to Utah annually.
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Utah Immigration Assistance Center

This team works as a resource to help individuals and businesses recruit and retain international workers. The center coordinates with state and federal government partners to facilitate the successful use of employment visa programs and coordinates with other entities involved in global immigration efforts.

One of the center’s initiatives is the state’s New Americans Task Force. The task force is a statewide effort to develop a comprehensive strategy that maximizes economic opportunities, social inclusion, and civic potential for New Americans while reinforcing an environment of belonging in Utah.

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Utah Innovation Center

This award-winning team supports the state's targeted industries and assists Utah innovators and entrepreneurs with access to federal nondilutive R&D funding for technology development. Its services are free to Utah entrepreneurs. The team's expertise and grant writing skills are a game-changer for Utah's innovators. In addition, small businesses can apply to the Utah Technology Innovation Funding program to receive microgrants and nonrecourse loans.
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Utah Small Business Credit Initiative

The Utah Small Business Credit Initiative (USBCI) is a new federal loan program. It includes $69 million in funding to expand access to capital for small businesses in Utah, especially for underserved communities.
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Other Office Initiatives

Additional initiatives, administered by other office teams, can also support Utah's small business owners. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Center for Rural Development — Works with businesses in Utah’s rural counties, providing them with resources to support entrepreneurs, sustain businesses, develop communities, and improve employment opportunities
  • International Trade & Diplomacy team — Facilitates diplomacy for the state and leverages diplomatic contacts to develop and expand foreign markets for Utah
  • Utah Broadband Center — Advances economic opportunity, energy efficiency, telecommuting, education, and telehealth by enhancing Utah’s broadband infrastructure
  • Utah Office of Regulatory Relief – The sandbox may allow waiving state law, temporarily allowing entrepreneurs to determine if customers value products that don't fit within the state's current regulatory framework
  • Utah’s Opportunity Zones — Provides investors with endless potential to generate lasting community impact

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Four Initiatives & One Common Goal: Provide Utah Businesses With Valuable Resources