Two Utah Outdoor Businesses Join Forces

Pete CodellaArticles, COVID-19

This article is part of a series featuring Utah-based companies and what they’re doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Utah is known for its tight-knit business community, so when the coronavirus pandemic hit the state, it did not take long for two Utah small businesses to band together.

Cotopaxi and Uncharted Supply are helping each other through these tough times by advancing their common needs and initiatives, ensuring that both brands stay afloat through this economic downturn. Uncharted Supply, a company offering preparedness products, and Cotopaxi, an outdoor company focusing on sustainable product design, realize they are stronger together in the fight against the invisible enemy.

Through their partnership, Cotopaxi is offering space at their warehouse, and their team will be a resource to Uncharted Supply as they continue to scale.

With the closure of small businesses in Park City, Christian Schauf, CEO and founder of Uncharted Supply, acted quickly with customers anxiously waiting on their preparedness gear. “With 24-hours notice, we mobilized and created an extended partnership with our friends at Cotopaxi,” said Schauf. “In a blizzard, we moved the inventory and fulfillment aspects of our business to Salt Lake City, and Cotopaxi welcomed us into their warehouse. This ensured not only were we able to stay open, but we were able to fulfill orders and catch up more quickly.”

Uncharted Supply and Cotopaxi teams are working shoulder-to-shoulder assembling survival packs to keep up with record demand. They’ve also brought on additional customer support and are teaming up for logistical and shipping support.

“We are honored to be members of the Utah business community and are doing everything we can to support our local and global community, particularly through our #OneUtah campaign,” said Cotopaxi CEO, Davis Smith. “Our work with Uncharted, in both operational and consumer-facing product collaborations, has been a mutually beneficial, positive and uplifting partnership.”