Luvaire launches its first line of essential oil diffusers

Pete CodellaNews

By combining deep expertise in artisan porcelain and the best technology in ultrasonic diffusing, Luvaire brings to market better fashion and function with its beautifully unique essential oil diffusers.

From deep lustrous crackle finishes to arabesque-inspired carvings, Luvaire brings beautiful home d├ęcor into aromatherapy and essential oil diffusers. The company will launch with five different handmade porcelain designs coupled with the highest ultrasonic diffusing technology anywhere. Luvaire’s unique platform will allow users to showcase interchangeable porcelain pieces while diffusing their favorite oils or fragrances. Every Luvaire piece has 16 light options that beautifully radiate internal LED lights. Luvaire’s diffusers are covered by a one-year warranty.

To no surprise, many essential oil market leaders have already committed to carrying/selling Luvaire diffusers.