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Salt Lake City Skyline Utah International Trade Photo by Adam Barker
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Utah Governor's Office

Gary Herbert

Governor Website

Spencer Cox

Lt. Governor Website

GOED Administration

Q. Val Hale

Executive Director Website

Lynne Mayer

Executive Assistant 801-538-8769 Contact Lynne »

Benjamin Hart

Deputy Director Contact Benjamin »

Jill Flygare

Managing Director Contact Jill »

Kamron Dalton

Finance Director (801) 538-8877 Contact Kamron »

Jim Grover

Compliance Director Contact Jim »

Patricia Conner

Director 801-201-0422 Contact Patricia »

Jason Marden

Lead Financial Analyst 801 538-8822 Contact Jason »

Carri Forsgren

Financial Analyst 801-538-8871 Contact Carri »

Jeff Van Hulten

Contracts & Policy Manager Contact Jeff »

Jaron Janson

Salesforce Administrator 801-538-8638 Contact Jaron »

Greg Jeffs

Internal Auditor Contact Greg »

Alicia Ryans

Compliance and Operations Project Manager 801-538-8868 Contact Alicia »

Lyle Almond

Senior Business Analyst 801 538-8753 Contact Lyle »

Laraib Sial

Compliance Auditor (801) 538-8819 Contact Laraib »

Alex Wankier

Compliance Audit Coordinator Contact Alex »

Marketing & Communications

Aimee Edwards

Communications and Legislative Policy Director 801-538-8811 Contact Aimee »

Jeremy Kartchner

Communications Manager Contact Jeremy »

Sara Adelman

Public Information Officer 801-538-8817 Contact Sara »

Hillary Bowler

Marketing & Communications Specialist 801-538-8627 Contact Hillary »

Chase Christiansen

Marketing & Communications Specialist 801-538-8684 Contact Chase »

Tony Young

Marketing & Communications Specialist Contact Tony »

Business Services

Ginger Chinn

Managing Director 801-538-8850 Contact Ginger »

Beckie Page

801 538-8793 Contact Beckie »

Kimberlee Carlile

Director Industry and Talent Initiatives 801-538-8669 Contact Kimberlee »

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)

Chuck Spence

Director 801-538-8655 Contact Chuck »

Keith Christiansen

Deputy Director - PTAC 801-538-8756 Contact Keith »

Kierstin Anderson

Administrative Assistant 801-538-8775 Contact Kierstin »

Jonnie Wilkinson

Regional Manager-Salt Lake & Tooele Counties 801-957-5357 Contact Jonnie »

Alex Quayson-Sackey

Regional Manager - Davis, Weber, & Morgan Counties 801-593-2242 Contact Alex »

Cindy Roberts

Regional Manager - Cache Business Resource Center 435-760-7937 Contact Cindy »

Joni Anderson

Regional Manager - SUU 435-586-8883 Contact Joni »

Corporate Recruitment

Benjamin Hart

Deputy Director Contact Benjamin »

Thomas Wadsworth

Director of Corporate Growth and Business Development 801-538-8825 Contact Thomas »

Michael O’Malley

Corporate Recruitment Outreach Director 801-538-8879 Contact Michael »

Julia Barnhouse

Incentives Coordinator 801-538-8828 Contact Julia »

Larry Shepherd

Corporate Incentives Analyst 801-538-8770 Contact Larry »

Technology Commercialization & Innovation Program

Clark Cahoon

TCIP Fund Manager 801-538-8895 Contact Clark »

Private Activity Bond Authority

Roxanne C. Graham

Program Director 801-538-8699 Contact Roxanne »

International Trade and Diplomacy

Franz Kolb

Director of Diplomacy and Protocol 801-538-8717 Contact Franz »

State Trade and Expansion Program (STEP)

Ariel Briggs

Project Director 801-538-8778 Contact Ariel »

STEM Action Center

Tami Goetz

Director Contact Tami »

Sue Redington

Program Director 801-538-8697 Contact Sue »

Allison Spencer

STEM Foundation Director Contact Allison »

Kellie Yates

Project and Engagement Specialist 8015388765 Contact Kellie »

Kaitlin Felsted

Marketing Communications Coordinator 801-538-8747 Contact Kaitlin »

Jackie Moynihan

Program Coordinator 8015388800 Contact Jackie »

Clarence Ames

STEM Program Specialist 801-538-8617 Contact Clarence »

Lynn Purdin

STEM Liaison between DWS and STEM AC 8015388787 Contact Lynn »

Brad Hunsaker

STEM Mobile Bus Program Coordinator 801-538-8892 Contact Brad »

Office of Rural Development

Linda Gillmor

Associate Managing Director for Urban and Rural Business Services and Director of the Office of Rural Development 801-538-8804 Contact Linda »

James Dixon

Rural Economic Development Outreach Specialist 801.538.8687 Contact James »

Nan Anderson

Rural Development Outreach 435-287-4170 Contact Nan »

Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission

Scott Bowler

Director Contact Scott »

The State of Utah Broadband Project

Kelleigh Cole

Director 801-538-8831 Contact Kelleigh »

Office of Outdoor Recreation

Tom Adams

Director Contact Tom »

Tara McKee

Program Manager 801-538-8686 Contact Tara »

Rose Smith

Program Specialist 801.538.8652 Contact Rose »

Office of Consumer Health Services

Sue Watson

Director 801-538-8883 Contact Sue »

Rebecca Norfleet

Project Manager 801-538-8670 Contact Rebecca »

Utah Office of Tourism

Vicki Varela

Managing Director of Tourism, Film and Global Branding 801-538-3395 Website

Dave Williams

Associate Managing Director 801-538-1317 Contact Dave »

Jay Kinghorn

Communications & Digital Strategy Director 801-538-1422 Contact Jay »

Barbara Bloedorn

Administrative Assistant 801-538-1369 Contact Barbara »

Dave Hansford

Partner Relations Coordinator 801-538-1367 Contact Dave »

Lorraine Daly

Budget, Contracts & Marketing Coordinator 801-538-1306 Contact Lorraine »

Kelly Day

Web & Cooperative Marketing Manager 801-538-1727 Contact Kelly »

Ben Dodds

Special Programs Coordinator 801-538-1716 Contact Ben »

Diane Wilson

Executive Assistant 801-538-1312 Contact Diane »

Cicily Howell

Global Specialist 801-538-1373 Contact Cicily »

Becky Johnson

Global Specialist 801-538-1318 Contact Becky »

Mary Lindsey

ZNHA Bookstore Manager 801-538-1398 Contact Mary »

Andrew Gillman

Communications Coordinator 801-538-1759 Contact Andrew »

Emily Moench

PR Manager 801-538-1479 Contact Emily »

Shaylee Read

Sr. Graphic Designer 801-538-1374 Contact Shaylee »

Utah Film Commission

Virginia Pearce

Director 801-538-8740 Contact Virginia »

Derek Mellus

Producer Services Executive 801-538-1120 Contact Derek »

Ricardo Flores

Marketing and Creative Executive 801-538-1379 Contact Ricardo »

Callye Cleverly

Compliance Manager 801-538-8611 Contact Callye »

Melissa Jackson

Film Office Manager / Coordinator (801) 538-1332 Contact Melissa »