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STEM Action Center


Contact: Tami Goetz,

The need for early opportunities to gain valuable training and education in key STEM occupations is becoming more critical for both students and companies. The High School STEM Certification Program provides resources to schools and districts to create new or expand capacity on existing STEM certification pathways that address high demand STEM jobs in their communities. These certifications can include resources



Contact: Sue Redington,

The Utah State Legislature, through UCA 63M-1-3205 has provided $13.5 Million for the STEM Action Center to purchase supplemental math software for Utah classrooms. The grant is for use in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Public charter schools and school districts had the opportunity to apply for use of the math software in the summer of 2014 and are involved in a 2 year project. Grant awardees will

be able to use the math technology from the approved list


Contact: Sarah Young,

The Utah STEM Schools Designation Program was developed to define the criteria and elements necessary for a school
to create a comprehensive STEM learning environment
for their students. The STEM schools designation program will allow schools to engage in discussions with faculty and community partners around STEM education as a lens for

such as much-needed equipment or supplies, support for the creation of new curriculum materials and activities
that support hands-on, engaged instruction, support for internships and professional development for educators that will provide instruction in these new or existing certification pathways.

of ten product providers as a supplement or intervention
to compliment a school’s current math curriculum. The
grant program evaluation will be conducted by Utah State University, Dr. Sarah Brasiel (Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Department) and the evaluation will be primarily looking at student mathematics achievement on the end of year SAGE state assessment.

strong instruction for students to prepare them for college and career readiness. The designation also serves as an indicator for members of the public who are looking for STEM school experiences in Utah K-12 education. Schools that have identified a passion for STEM education will benefit from the opportunity for both reflection and recognition through this


Contact: Gina Sanzenbacher,

There is $3.5 million allocated for applied science technology products focused on middle school applied science, specifically Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses in grades 7 and 8 across Utah from HB 150. Four product providers have been selected to provide curriculum and hands on activities related to engineering, applied science, and information technology. Contracts were finalized in October and Professional Development occurred in November and December as

districts and schools planned for implementation starting spring 2015. Currently 45,954 licenses have been distributed. As data is released, we look forward to seeing improvements in student state SAGE assessment results and also in their perception of changes in their classroom environments as teachers create environments for students to actively engage in learning through relevant real world problem solving.


Contact: Sarah Young,

There is $1.5 million in funding allocated to support teachers to participate in a newly developed STEM endorsement program, through the Utah State Office of Education. Awards have been made to Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) and districts across the state who responded to a request for proposals to develop STEM endorsement programs at their

institutions to be offered to teachers. Each award was $100,000 per year for 2 years to
serve 25-35 teachers in cohort 1. We will be assessing long term outcomes of participation in the endorsement program on the performance of the teacher’s students on the SAGE state assessment beginning with data from the 2015- 16 school year.


Contact: Gina Sanzenbacher,

There is $5 million in ongoing funding allocated to STEM Teacher Professional Learning from HB 150. Two providers who offer video-based STEM professional learning were awarded. Currently the providers are finalizing implementation plans with districts who received awards and conducting training for districts and teachers on how to use their product to support instructional improvement for over 18,000 teachers. These products include

online professional learning communities and video exemplars of Utah teachers providing high quality instruction aligned to the Utah Core in STEM areas. Implementation will begin in spring 2015 and continue through the next few years. We have already seen examples of how districts are finding this resource of value to reach more teachers more often with quality professional learning opportunities.



The primary function of the Fairs, Camps and Competitions Award is to encourage student participation in camps and competitions
to support STEM education and economic development in Utah. This grant is intended for K-12 Utah students who are participating in any STEM related fair, camp or competition. This funding is to be used for entrance fees,



This PreK-12 Classroom Grant is available for educators and administrators to apply
for funding focused on improving student understanding and learning experience in the

project materials and travel to and from STEM competitions.The Fairs, Camps and Competitions Award is a post-performance grant, and students will be reimbursed for all or part of the requested amount after the competition has taken place.

subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Awards will be granted to innovative and creative projects in STEM subjects.