Utah ranks among top states in job report

Pete CodellaAccolades

Gov. Gary R. Herbert highlighted Utah’s strong economy earlier this week during his annual State of the State address to the Legislature. New rankings show Utah is home to the nation’s fourth lowest unemployment rate and the third highest job growth rate.  

“Our economic growth has remained consistent and has steadily strengthened month after month,” said Marty Carpenter, spokesman for Gov. Gary R. Herbert. “The governor’s focus on the strengthening Utah’s economy has us in position to invest in education and infrastructure to enhance the quality of life for all Utahns for decades to come.”

At 3.5 percent, Utah currently has the fourth lowest unemployment rate in the nation. States with lower or equal rates include North Dakota at 2.8 percent, Nebraska at 2.9 percent and South Dakota at 3.3 percent. Utah also ranked third in the nation in total job growth at 3.9 percent, trailing only North Dakota at 5.3 percent and Texas at 4.0 percent.

Utah’s private sector job growth ranked third in the nation at 4.1 percent trailing on North Dakota at 6.6 percent and Texas at 4.4. percent.