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Apogee Worx: Proudly Serving Utah’s Growing Aerospace Industry

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Apogee Worx LLC is an aerospace company based in Ogden, Utah. The company focuses on integrating Department of Defense (DoD) aircraft systems with multiple current contracts upgrading the United States Air Force (USAF) Ogden Air Logistics Center-supported aircraft, such as the A-10C. Apogee Worx designs and manufactures components necessary to install new capabilities in DoD aircraft. Additionally, the company manufactures aircraft support equipment.

Apogee Worx was founded in 2015 in Ogden, Utah, by two service-disabled veterans whose passion for aircraft, service, and the local area became the foundation for the company’s focus.  After careers in the Air Force and Navy, followed by over a decade working for large and small defense contractors, the founders opted to apply their lessons and skills to their own company.  “Where can we help?” is a common question that Brian Janroy and Steve Pollard — the two owners — are known to ask.

“We appreciate Go Utah’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center’s desire to give local businesses a leg up and create an environment that allows for companies that reside here along the Wasatch front to thrive,” said co-founder Brian Janroy.

Cutting its teeth on Department of Defense Contract Air Service aircraft, Apogee Worx began its cradle-to-grave approach to Department of Defense aviation support by resurrecting formerly retired military aircraft for use on existing government training contracts. Integrating legacy airframes and technology with cutting-edge avionics and systems, the company assembled, repaired, modernized, and brought to full flight worthiness aircraft now employed in USAF Contracted Air Services.   

Follow-on contracts leaned on company experience with multiple fighter and transport aircraft to provide engineering, logistics, manufacturing, installation, and test support to numerous military organizations. Apogee Worx delivered services for the 151st Air Refueling Wing, Utah’s own Air National Guard unit, which supports the greater Air Force with its KC-135 Test Center. Apogee Worx is the prime contractor on multiple DOD programs and worked as a partner to various tier-one defense contractors. The company strives to keep business local by reaching into the vast Wasatch Front industrial base.

“Utah’s aerospace industry is growing rapidly, and we’re excited that Apogee Worx will be adding to that growth,” said Dan Hemmert, the Office of Economic Opportunity’s executive director.

In 2021, Apogee Worx began a search for new facilities with room to grow. After a careful review of locations in nearby states, the company decided to expand in Ogden, Utah, through the assistance of Go Utah’s Economic Development Tax Increment Financing (EDTIF) program. The company’s goal is to add 100 new employees within the next five years and continue to provide best-in-class service to those still in uniform defending our nation. It looks forward to becoming a trusted local provider of quality products for the DoD and other aviation-focused organizations. Additionally, Apogee Worx wants to provide a place of employment for Utahns to thrive, grow and contribute to its community and the defense of our great nation.

“After investigating options in other states, Apogee Worx is excited to be expanding in Northern Utah near the Ogden Hinckley Airport and Hill AFB,” said Apogee Worx co-founder Steve Pollard. “Utah provides clear benefits, including access to a talented workforce and a deep aerospace industrial base. We appreciate the forward-leaning incentives the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity provided to help make this expansion possible.”  

“This expansion will create jobs in engineering, software, manufacturing, and more, benefiting residents in northern Utah,” said Theresa A. Foxley, president and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah. “Apogee Worx is a vital and active player in Utah’s aerospace and defense supply chain. Expanding their footprint in Northern Utah will continue to benefit the region and the state.”