Initiative Launched to Redesign Utah’s State Flag

Kaitlyn ClarkeArticles

Gov. Spencer J. Cox, Lt. Gov. Deidre M. Henderson, and other state lawmakers recently launched the statewide “More Than A Flag” initiative. 

The Utah state Legislature passed a bill last year, creating a task force to redesign Utah’s flag. At events across the state, Utah’s Department of Cultural and Community Engagement will solicit ideas from people to make it better.

“More Than A Flag is an opportunity to think about what unites us as Utahns,” Gov. Cox said. “I believe this conversation can help us come together. A new flag can help us reframe our ideas of what’s important, and remind us that our state’s greatest days are still ahead.”

Ellen Weist, a spokesperson for the Utah Department of Cultural and Community Engagement, said the campaign would ask “for ideas about the symbols and colors that would best represent all of us on a new state flag.”

Once a new state flag is chosen, officials said the current state flag will become the governor’s flag and still be flown publicly. The state seal, which is displayed on the current state flag, will also remain in place.

Utahns can shape the design of their new state flag by sharing comments and design submissions here.

Timeline and Process for a New Flag

  • January through April 30: Utahns, and anyone with ties to Utah, can submit designs. 
  • May 30: Professional artists are hired to create up to five designs based on public submissions.
  • June 30: The design review subcommittee reviews all submissions and selects up to 50 finalists.
  • July 31: The design review subcommittee will select 10 finalists, which will be posted on the flag.utah.gov website for public comments.
  • Aug. 31: Deadline for public comments.
  • Sept. 15: Three final designs will be presented to Gov. Cox, Lt. Gov. Henderson, and the Utah Legislature. Together, they’ll determine the new Utah state flag.