Silicon Slopes-Based Ascend Education Partners With Brazil’s Information Technology Giant

Pete CodellaArticles

Ascend Education, one of the fastest-growing companies in the technical training field, recently finalized its partnership with a large Brazil information technology organization and leading online training provider, Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisas (RNP).

The company is based in Provo and is the pioneering online information technology training platform provider in Brazil because of RNP’s reach in the country. The cloud-based solution provided by Ascend Education is helping schools and organizations close the information technology skills gap facing many of the world’s economies. 

“Cloud-based services are the most cost-effective ways to reach more students via distance learning and provide them the skills to succeed in today’s workplace,” said Rocky Steele, Ascend Education’s president. “This partnership will bring better and more effective training to students throughout Brazil and the U.S.”

RNP provides the internet backbone and training services to Brazil’s federal universities, government agencies and military. The company’s educational arm, the School of Higher Learning in Networking (Escola Superior de Redes) ESR, maintains a training presence in all 26 Brazilian states. Additionally, ESR connects 600 institutions located throughout Brazil and provides distance learning services nationwide.

Under the partnership agreement, the Silicon Slopes company will provide its leading cloud-based courseware and learning platform to these training centers. The all-inclusive training solution provides virtual labs, video training, textbook quality written lessons, practice quizzes and exams in an effort to prepare students for the information technology workforce.