2013 Broadband Tech Summit Videos Available

Pete CodellaBroadband

coverThe Utah Broadband Project and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) hosted the 2013 Broadband Tech Summit on October 24, 2013.

The summit featured keynote speakers from Overstock.com, US Ignite and the University of Utah. Breakout sessions included topics on broadband planning for local governments, broadband and economic development, broadband availability, speed technology and coverage and integrating broadband technology into emergency preparedness.

Below is video from the 2013 Broadband Tech Summit, including breakout sessions including keynote speakers:

glenn ricart

2013 Broadband Tech Summit Morning Keynote Speaker, Glenn Ricart, US Ignite

Glenn Ricart brings 40 years of innovation in computer networking and related fields to US Ignite. Ricart is an Internet pioneer who implemented the first Inter-net interconnection point and was recognized for this achievement with an induction into the Internet Hall of Fame in August 2013.

Bargavh Shah

2013 Broadband Tech Summit Afternoon Keynote Speaker, Bhargav J. Shah, Overstock.com

Bhargav J. Shah joined online discount retailer, Overstock.com, in 2013. In his role as Senior Vice President of Technology, Shah is responsible for providing vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology initiatives within the organization as well as influencing business strategy through innovative use of technology.

matt might

2013 Broadband Tech Summit Featured Speaker, Matthew Might, University of Utah

Mathew Might is an assistant professor in the School of Computing at the University of Utah, where he leads the U Combinator program analysis research lab.

smart schools

Smart Schools: Unlocking The Power of Technology in the Classroom

Broadband access has the potential to transform education by giving teachers and students access to learning resources and technologies. This panel focuses on what the classroom of the future will look like, how technology is being used for STEM education and how best to prepare for future capacity needs utilizing technology.

Economic Development

Broadband and Economic Development: How much capacity do you need and how do you market it?

Broadband is an important tool to increase economic development around the State of Utah, including rural communities. This panel will focuses on how economic development relies not only on broadband infrastructure, but also on the knowledge and tools to leverage the infrastructure for businesses and communities.

 data informed

Data Informed-Decisions: Broadband and Related Map Resources

The Utah Broadband Project collects data on the availability, speed, technology and coverage areas for residential and commercial broadband services. This session discusses broadband trends, future planning, and policy to support stakeholder’s decisions.

 social media summit

Social Media and Emergency Management: Integrating technology into emergency preparedness

Today, public information officers (PIOs) are using Twitter and other forms of social media to inform the public during emergencies. This session will focuses on how government and first responders are using technology to respond to emergencies, engage the public and enhance public safety.

website toolkit

Website Toolkit: Tools to help cities/businesses increase their online presence

As more consumers search online for products and services they need, creating an online presence becomes even more vital for cities and businesses’ economic success. This session teaches you what you need to know to create a basic website that will meet the needs of your customers and constituents.

High Capacity

High Capacity Users Forum: Fostering innovation through capacity

Broadband’s capabilities can be tailored to any user’s needs from video streaming at home to data centers powering corporations or businesses. This panel discusses the ability of leveraging and maximizing broadband to promote innovation and power the ideas of tomorrow.

 broadband adoption

Broadband Adoption: Maximizing the impact of public computing centers

Libraries have become critical public access points for patrons who lack residential Internet service. Patrons frequently use computers at Utah’s libraries and aboard Utah’s Bookmobiles to fill out government forms, job applications and even start businesses. This session discusses how public libraries are providing Internet to patrons across Utah, strengthening our community and economy.

 Planning for Local Governments

Broadband Planning for Local Governments: Working with providers to build capacity

This session  features a discussion on best practices for broadband planning that communities can implement to increase capacity. Learn how communities can work with Internet providers to facilitate broadband expansion.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Communities: Online tools to attract customers and visitors

Ensuring that Utah’s tourism and hospitality industry has sufficient broadband infrastructure and technology to attract visitors and to make travel more convenient is a vital asset. This panel  discusses how local communities can use social media attract these visitors and customers.


Commercial Broadband 101: Access for businesses

Broadband for businesses is proving to be a critical investment. However, this investment requires knowledge of how commercial broadband varies from residential access. This panel focuses on the unique characteristic of commercial connections including capacity, redundancy and security.

Underserved communites

Education, Outreach and Access: Connecting underserved communities

As the uses of the Internet continue to expand, being connected will become even more important to citizens across diverse populations. This panel discusses programs, education and training that are available for connecting
underserved communities.