Akamai Rankings Place Utah in the Top Five

Pete CodellaBroadband

akamai logoThe most recent Akamai State of the Internet report for the Second Quarter has affirmed Utah’s ranking as 5th fastest in the nation.  In Q2, Utah saw an average connection speed of 18.9 Mbps, and an average peak connection speed of 78.9 Mbps.    

Interestingly, Akamai notes a changing tide among the states for Q2, with seven out of the 10 top states showing average speed declines.  Overall, 19 states showed speed declines in Q2, compared to only one state seeing a decline in Q1.  Utah’s average speed fell from 19.7 Mbps in Q1, compared to Q2’s average speed of 18.9 Mbps.

Though not a single state saw an average connection speed that meets the FCC’s Broadband definition of 25 Mbps, Utah continues to rank in the top ten for 25 Mbps broadband adoption.  The Beehive state currently sits in the number 8 spot for 25 Mbps adoption with a 17% adoption rate.  Only two Western states (Utah and Washington) rank in the top ten for this category.  Across all categories, East coasts states tend to rank more favorably given the feasibility of deploying broadband in more densely populated areas with smaller geographic territories.


With Utah’s urban and rural providers continuing to roll out more Fiber to the home connections, Utah will likely continue to rank highly for top Internet Speeds.  In fact, Utah’s “Fastest in the West” designation actually includes the Midwest.  The District of Columbia, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Massachusetts are the currently the only states that outrank Utah.

Get the Full Akamai report here.