Akamai State of the Internet and Security Report Now Available

Pete CodellaBroadband

In an effort to be more holistic, Akamai has releAkamai_logo-758666ased its most extensive report to date on current Internet attack trends. The report indicates that the most popularly targeted industries for attack included  gaming (which represents more than one third of all attacks), software and technology, Internet and telecom, financial services, media and entertainment, education, retail and consumer goods, and finally the public sector.  

The report includes analysis and explanation through data gathered on targeted industries, sources of attacks, attack methodology, case studies, and emerging threats.

One highlight of the report includes the top ten countries from which attacks originated: China (23 percent), Germany (17 percent), and the US (12 percent) account for the source of just over half of DDoS attacks in Q1 2015. Interestingly, “the numbers show a drop from Q1 2014 in source country participation percentage, when the US accounted for some 32 percent of all attack traffic” followed by China and Germany at 18 and 12 percent.

In addition to broad strokes, the report also includes details regarding security that could be helpful to several different groups. Included is what Akamai calls defensive measures that detail how to navigate computer systems away from attacks as well as working with web-hosting services to ensure a more stable operating environment. In the nearly 100 page document, Akamai extensively covers Internet threats, solutions, and tips for preventing future attacks.

The Q1 2015 State of the Internet [Security] can be found here.