Brookings Highlights Cities Role in Encouraging Deployment

Pete CodellaBroadband

broadband-constructionMore than ever, technology is transforming our economy and daily lives. Broadband is now referred to as the infrastructure of the twenty-first century, and is a key driver of economic growth and the quality of life for each citizen. A recent article by the Brooking Metro Policy Program highlighted how local policies and best practices play a clear role and the greatest opportunity for innovative thinking.

The article identifies how local governments play a role in the availability and siting of cell towers. It also highlights how rights-of-way, permitting, pole access, building access, build-out requirements and other factors all directly impact planning and investment, particularly reducing the cost of infrastructure.

The Utah Broadband Plan recommends similar best practices for local cities and communities to help Internet providers deploy infrastructure at a much lower cost. This includes developing zoning and notification requirements, developing dig-once polices and incorporating future broadband deployment and planning into City and County General Plans.