FCC Extends the Special Access Comment Deadline

Pete CodellaBroadband

FCC special access commentsOn November 2, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission released a public notice in the Matter of Special Access for Price Cap Local Exchange Carriers. The Wireline Competition Bureau issued the Order that comments regarding the collection of special access data are now due by January 6, 2016 and that reply comments are due by February 5, 2016.

The original deadline for comments was November 20, 2015 with reply comments due by December 11, 2015. In December 2012, the FCC established an “order requiring providers and purchasers of special access and certain entities providing “best efforts” service to submit data and information for a comprehensive evaluation of the special access market.” This original order, Special Access Data Collection, was created to study special access regulations for price cap incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) and determine if they should be updated to reflect the current competition.

Through a several year process, the data was given a final submission due date of February 27, 2015. Now that the data has been submitted, the FCC is reviewing it and hopes to be able to respond to the requests made. Due to the complexity and volume, the new date of January 6 and subsequently February 5 should give the FCC, as well as any third parties involved, sufficient time for review and processing.

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