November 2013 Map of the Month: Computers in Utah Schools

Pete CodellaBroadband

In an increasingly competitive and connected world, it’s important that students in K-12 schools have access to modern computers. This month, the broadband mapping team mapped data published in the Utah State Board of Education’s report Highway to Our Future: Technology for Utah Schools – May 2013.

SchoolstoComputerRatioStudent to Computer Ratio:

Daggett, Tintic, and North Summit School Districts had the highest student to computer ratios, with 100% of the schools reporting a 1:1 student to computer ratio. These are smaller districts with 3 – 6 schools.

Alpine, Nebo, Murray, and Morgan School Districts had the most schools reporting the lowest student to computer ratio with 50% or more of schools reporting 1:4 or greater student to computer ratio.


Alpine School District is one of the largest in the state with 73 schools, while the others range from 4 – 42 schools.

ComputersOver5Percentage of Computers 5 years or older:

The school districts that reported the highest percentage of computers over 5 years old are Duchesne, Granite, Morgan, Juab, Washington, and Kane School Districts. 58% or more computers in these districts are 5 years or older as of May 2013. The school districts reporting the newest computers are Canyons, Nebo, Daggett, and Park City School Districts. These districts reported 10% or less of their computers were 5 years or older.