Prepare Your Community for Broadband Deployment Opportunities

Kaitlyn ClarkeBroadband

Registration for a free license to access the Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric (Fabric) underlying the FCC’s National Broadband Map is now available to the following entities:

  • Local or Tribal governments
  • Internet service providers
  • Nonprofits working with communities to help connect them to broadband

This service provides the location data of every broadband serviceable location (BSL) in the country, including homes and businesses. A Fabric license will permit entities to view and download a list of BSLs for your area.

Why Is This Important?

The Utah Broadband Center will soon conduct a statewide Broadband Availability Challenge process where internet service providers, nonprofits, and local or Tribal governments can verify BSLs based on technology and speeds as either served, underserved, or unserved and challenge any inaccuracies.

Participation in the challenge process does not require a Fabric license, but acquiring one is to your advantage. You can download map data or upload evidence to challenge the existing map data. Locations are identified as BSL ID numbers rather than street addresses. 

By requesting a Fabric license to verify the served areas in your community, you will ensure that broadband infrastructure funds are going where they are most needed to get high-speed internet to all households and businesses.

  • If your organization is a local or Tribal government or nonprofit, you will need a Tier E license. The application request form is found at
  • You will need a Tier D license If your organization is an internet service provider. The application request form is found at

Additional Information

If you would like step-by-step instructions on requesting a license, utilize these instructional slides to walk you through the process. 

More information and training for the State Broadband Challenge will be announced soon. 
Contact with questions or call 385-443-3174.