Rural Telecom Congress Releases State Broadband Initiative Report

Pete CodellaBroadband

computer 1The Rural Telecom Congress (RTC) has recently released a report about the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) State Broadband Initiative (SBI) programs. The report provides SBI program data, policy, funding and broadband availability for each of the 50 states who received grants in 2009 to support efficient deployment and use of broadband technology.

The report, created by Galen Updike, former president of the RTC, along with the assistance of state broadband leaders includes a State by State Status as Defined by 10 Attributes for Successful State Broadband Programs. This document provides information on all of the 50 states about:

  • Any state ongoing broadband leadership or council to coordinate with rural broadband providers
  • If each state’s Broadband Map helps to identify deficit areas for use by the public and policy makers
  • If state and regional broadband plans are being created and widely used
  • If there is a separate state broadband preferred provider organization for financing
  • Whether there is state funding programs for matching dollars or financing grants
  • Whether there is coordination taking place with the state’s public utilities commission to reduce regulatory barriers for providers
  • If there is collaboration with the state’s rural political subdivisions on right-of-way issues
  • If there is state collaboration with Health & Education Institutions to optimize the Federal Communications  subsidies
  • If there are sustainable infrastructure programs directed at unserved and underserved communities through a state Universal Service Fund fee
  • Whether there is frequent legislative collaboration for broadband policy initiatives and program leadership funding for the state

The report also provides information and maps on states that limit or disallow municipal owned broadband networks, 2013 Akami speed test data, a list of all BTOP infrastructure grants, state statutes that impact broadband and more. Click here for more information and to view the full report.