Salt Lake City Seeking Comments on Utility Box Ordinance

Pete CodellaBroadband

salt lake city logoSalt Lake City has proposed changes to its Utility Box Ordinance, to ensure that the city has reliable access to telecommunication networks and communication services, while ensuring installations are achieved in a manner that preserves the aesthetic qualities of the community. The city recommends that parties submit comments by December 2, 2014

The current Ordinance regulations include design criteria and establish a conditional use review process to approve such requests. However, utility boxes generally must be approved if any detrimental effects can be mitigated. The City is now looking at how to establish a more predictable and consistent review process.

Salt Lake City planning staff has developed a draft of the proposed regulation changes based upon the input received through a city open house and open city hall as well as input from City departments.

The Salt Lake City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing and forward its recommendation to the Salt Lake City Council for its review. The City Council will then make a final decision.