UPDATE: Mobile Library Analysis

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A follow up on April’s Map of the Month

MobileLibrariesWirelineIn April, the Utah Broadband Project Team created a map and table highlighting mobile library stops that are not currently capable of providing Internet to patrons. We compared these mobile library stops to wireless service areas as given to us by providers, as well as the results of our mobile drive test.  Since that time,  we have added the availability of wireline service at these locations to our data. The results can be seen on the map to the left.

Our table has also been updated to reflect wireline data. The new orange column represents the wireline service provider at the stop and their maximum advertised download speed. The table now also highlights mobile library stops that have only the minimum speed for wireless broadband (768 kbps – 1.5 mbps) available. No mobile library stop has more than one wireline provider at their location.

Utah Bookmobile Table

Click to view the data table

We found that only four mobile libraries that reported not having broadband were outside of a provider-submitted wireline coverage area. Three of these had provider-submitted wireless coverage areas at their location. There is only one mobile library that is located outside of a provider-submitted wireline or wireless coverage area and our drive test did pick up some wireless coverage in that area.

To help illustrate this further, our team put together a map showing mobile libraries that reported intermittent or no broadband access, along with wireless coverage by maximum advertised speed.

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The project will use this additional information in its ongoing effort to bring broadband resources to mobile library locations and the citizens in these rural communities.

For more information about The Utah State Library Mobile Libraries visit their website. You can also download the wireline map, the wireless by speed map, and the new table in pdf format.