Utah Legislature Creates Broadband Outreach Center

Pete CodellaBroadband

Broadband Vertical ColorThe Utah State Legislature recently passed HB 414, which creates the Utah Broadband Outreach Center within the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and allocates funding for a three year period.

Upon signature of the Governor, the Center will continue many of the efforts initiated by the Utah Broadband Project, including regular meetings of the Utah Broadband Advisory Council, and working with our partners to achieve the goals outlined in the Utah Broadband Plan.

The Center will focus on promoting broadband deployment and adoption by working with private providers and other key stakeholders.

The Center will also continue to work with broadband providers on a voluntary basis to collect and analyze broadband mapping data which will be displayed on the Utah Broadband Map.

Rep. Steve Handy and Sen. Ralph Okerlund sponsored the bill and the Salt Lake Chamber, along with several members of the Utah Broadband Advisory Council, were involved in promoting the passage of the legislation.