Utah IT Company, InMoment, Works to Create the Ideal Customer, Client & Employee Experience

Pete CodellaBusiness

Utah is known for its friendly, productive workforce. In an interview with Lonnie Mayne, President of InMoment, he illustrates how Utah helps his customer friendly company become so successful.

Headquartered in Utah, with offices in Canada and the U.K., InMoment is a cloud-based customer experience optimization platform that gives businesses the ability to listen to and engage with customers to improve business results through better experiences. InMoment takes it a step further and also works to create the ideal employee experience.

It is not an unusual experience to enter InMoment’s main office and be greeted by their friendly front desk receptionist. It’s also common that over the five-minute period a person spends in the lobby, several other individuals come up to that person and ask if they’ve been helped or if they need anything. This is the typical InMoment experience.

Mayne admits that this behavior is not taught, but employees learn it by example.

“Because the leadership of the company lives it, other people pick it up. This kind of behavior has now become a staple of our culture,” said Mayne. “We’re paying attention, being mindful. We look at everyone who walks through our door as a customer, someone we want to take care of.”

InMoment doesn’t just focus on the customer experience; it starts with the employee experience.

“We believe that what we do inside our four walls translates to our customers, so we work really hard on that — from the brand to the people,” Mayne says.

InMoment, like many companies, invests a lot in building a united, hardworking and yet fun work environment. Red shoes are one way they build this environment.

“There are different ways of recruiting and listening,” Mayne says.  “People want to contribute to something greater. We created the Red Shoes Experience concept inside our four walls, which is really about standing out in all that we do … with each other, with our customers. Everyone who gets hired gets a pair of red Converse shoes to remind them of this commitment.”

And it’s a sight to see on Fridays when everyone has on their red sneakers. It’s an even better view when they present to clients; the phone call goes out ahead of time, and everyone shows up in their red shoes

Building this friendly environment for clients, customers and employees takes consistent effort.

“We have our own vice president of client experience strategy and it’s his responsibility to make sure we continue to deliver on that brand promise,” Mayne says.  “When we’re in a board meeting or an executive meeting, it’s his job to stand up and ask, ‘How is that going to impact our customers, or our internal customers — our employees?’”

During the interview, Lisa Davis, Vice President of Communications at InMoment, who joined the team in March, openly expressed her feelings about joining the InMoment team.

“I have never been somewhere where everybody is truly excited to come to work every day,” said Davis.  “I am so happy that I accepted the job; this is the most incredible culture. There’s a real sense of camaraderie here.  It’s an amazing professional experience to sit down and have conversations with really smart, creative people, and then be empowered to go and do something with those conversations.”

And maybe it’s this employee value that creates such a vibrant, hard working environment. Although, Mayne acknowledges that Utah can take some credit. Utah is truly taking a lead in information technology and software development.

“We’re starting to see a lot of people coming from Silicon Valley. I’ve lived and worked outside the state most of my professional life, and we have a special kind of work ethic in Utah. There’s an innovative spirit here that I’ve never seen before.”

 Kaitlin Felsted, Aug. 27, 2014