Strategic Partnerships Propel nView medical Commercialization

Dylan DotyUtah Innovation Center

In the fast-evolving landscape of medical technology, nView medical stands out as a trailblazer with its groundbreaking nView s1 imaging device and accompanying software. The nView s1 is not just an imaging device; it’s a comprehensive surgical technology and platform that generates quick 3D images during surgery. With multifaceted applications, the system aids surgical planning and guidance and provides crucial real-time information for implant placement. The device serves as a GPS for surgeons, significantly enhancing the precision and safety of surgical procedures.

nView s1’s instantaneous 3D imaging capability particularly benefits pediatric orthopedic and spine surgeries. Traditional 2D imaging systems often lead to interpretation issues, while nView s1’s 3D images offer unparalleled accuracy, resembling the efficiency of a conventional X-ray with the added 3rd dimension. The device found early success in clinical use and is now being used in more than 300 pediatric surgeries, a remarkable feat considering surgeons’ typically slow adoption of new medical technologies.

The company’s humble beginnings started with an idea on paper that gained momentum through federal and state grants. Cristian Atria, founder and CEO of nView medical, acknowledged the crucial role played by federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants, especially the first one, a National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR Phase I, that served as validation when the company was in its nascent stage. 

“I was happy and surprised that we got the NSF grant, which funded us for six months. It forced me to say, ‘What do I do now? Do I employ myself and go full-time?’ It forced me to do it, and I jumped in even though we only had six months of funding,” said Atria.

The company subsequently received three more SBIR grants and several state grants, which enabled the team to develop a prototype, marking the inception of a journey that has reached the pilot commercialization stage.

From its first SBIR application, nView medical partnered with the Utah Innovation Center (UIC). Atria expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from the center, describing it as a pivotal starting point and a long-term partner. 

“The UIC helped us have a process rather than a one-time effort or project. For us, it has been a long-term relationship. It is good to have people in Utah you can talk to and trust,” said Atria.

The center’s assistance extended beyond grants, including helping nView medical navigate different funding opportunities, create a marketing video, and expand the application of its technology.

There is a lot of excitement about nView medical’s upcoming commercial launch and their aspirations to extend the technology’s reach beyond orthopedics and spine surgeries. With applications in lung and oncology, the company is poised to significantly impact patient care, showcasing the power of innovation nurtured through strategic partnerships and visionary leadership. 

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The image is courtesy of Akron Children’s Hospital.