Brazil to Host World Cup, Olympics and Utah Delegation

Pete CodellaNews

The Utah trade mission to Brazil led by Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) will depart Saturday September 21st and is bound for the cities of Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Londrina and Rio de Janeiro. While visiting these cities, the Utah delegation will meet with Brazilian business leaders, government and education officials to strengthen Utah’s trade with Brazil. The trade mission to Brazil is comprised of Utah business, education, government leaders.

Brazil is one of the strongest countries in South America, and is continuing to grow in the global market. From 2005 to 2012 annual Utah exports to Brazil have grown over 200 percent. The trade mission to Brazil is focused on building key business and government relationships in order to make noticeable increases in Utah exports to Brazil and foreign direct investment from Brazil.

“Utah has the right connections and the right motivation to create a remarkable relationship with Brazil,” said Harvey Scott, Director, International Trade and Diplomacy Office. “A country as large as Brazil can present many opportunities and challenges to companies who wish to do business there. This trade mission will greatly help open the doors that will make doing business in Brazil both more efficient and effective.”

Attendees of the trade mission will include key representatives from 20 organizations such as: Wells Fargo Bank, Kennecott-Rio Tinto, Albion Laboratories, Kaddas Enterprises and Lithium Storage, to name a few1. Also attending the trade mission will be representatives from the World Trade Center Utah and GOED.

“Brazil will take the world stage and has the opportunity to demonstrate that they are a key player in the global economy as they host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics,” said Vincent Mikolay, Managing Director, GOED. “We are excited to explore export opportunities with key industries in Utah, while sharing the reasons why Utah is a great place to live, visit, invest and expand.”

Utah has been recognized as an economic leader in the US. As we build our trade relations with South America and specifically Brazil, our economy will be strengthened and diversified. All of this will be possible due in large part to Utah’s hardworking, educated workforce, and the collaboration between the Utah business community and government.