DevPoint Labs Announces Scholarship for Women

Pete CodellaNews

DevPoint Labs, a leading Utah web development bootcamp, announced today they will be offering a women’s scholarship for women interested in pursuing a career in full stack or front end web development.

“There is an overwhelming shortage of women in the computer programming industry,” said Ty Diamse, DevPoint Labs co-founder. “We need more diversity in the workplace to drive original ideas and innovation. This isn’t a boy’s club. I know I’m not the only one tired of seeing all guys at networking events.”

The scholarship will be awarded to one woman from each of DevPoint’s three-month development courses. It will include free tuition, a six month membership to the Church & State co-working space and a three-month paid internship after successful completion of the course.

Church & State is a Salt Lake City-based business incubator. Last year, it received an economic development grant from the Utah Cluster Acceleration Partnership, a collaborative partnership between the Department of Workforce Services, Utah System of Higher Education and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED).

“It’s exciting to see companies step up to offer opportunities like this for Utah women,” said Kimberly Henrie, deputy director of GOED. “We still have room for improvement when it comes to helping women gain footing in business and industry—especially in the IT sector. But if companies continue to create programs like DevPoint Labs’ scholarship, we can work together to provide more opportunity for everyone. This is a step in the right direction.”

Women interested in the scholarship can apply for admission to DevPoint Labs online and fill out a scholarship application. Both can be completed at One applicant per course will be selected by DevPoint Labs for the scholarship.