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GOEO Announces Details for Future Strategic Plan

Kaitlyn ClarkeNews

As we embark on a prosperous future, the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity shares details about our future strategic plan.  

The 2019 Strategic Plan and the Economic Vision 2030 are significant milestones that set the stage for our updated plan, estimated to be in place for fiscal year 2025 (FY 25). We will continue to follow the existing plans until a new strategic plan is implemented.

The new plan will embrace our vision as stewards of the world’s best economy and quality of life and our mission to foster quality economic growth. We’re dedicated to propelling economic growth and development in our state.

As we move forward, we reiterate our intent to stand alongside Gov. Cox and support the economic efforts his administration identifies. Our commitment extends to fostering progress in rural and urban communities, ensuring prosperity touches every corner of Utah.

Collaboration is at the core of our strategy, and we actively partner with key stakeholders throughout the state. Together, we can harness the collective potential of public and private sectors, nonprofits, and community organizations to drive meaningful change.

The Economic Opportunity office will use this planning guide to ensure compliance with HB326 from the 2021 legislative session. As we work towards the next strategic planning phase, we will align our efforts with the guidelines outlined in this document.

It is an exciting journey we are embarking on. It will shape a promising future for our state as we create a strategic plan that paves the way for prosperity and growth, embodying our shared aspirations for future generations.