Gov. Cox Issues Executive Order Requiring Service Hours for Incentivized Businesses

Kaitlyn ClarkeNews

The state of Utah, renowned for its robust and thriving economy, has consistently excelled in employment, growth, and business environment, earning national acclaim. Since 2005, the state has supported businesses through comprehensive incentive programs, with a majority of benefiting businesses calling Utah home. Recognizing the vital role of volunteerism in addressing local and state-level needs, the state of Utah is actively encouraging businesses to engage in community service. Gov. Cox has issued an executive order mandating that future incentive applications include a commitment from applicants to contribute at least 20 service hours per high-paying job annually for the duration of the incentive. This initiative seeks to integrate economic growth with a corporate culture that embraces social responsibility.

“In Utah, volunteering is a lifestyle that is woven into the fabric of our communities,” said Ryan Starks, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. “People in Utah naturally step up to make a difference. We think this speaks to the caliber of Utah’s business community and economy as a whole. Our office is pleased to support the governor’s new initiative integrating community service with business incentives offered by the state.”
Utah has long been recognized for its spirit of community and service. In fact, Utah holds the top ranking as the most charitable state by a study from WalletHub. This new initiative speaks to Utah’s continued commitment to volunteerism for businesses that are interested in and currently call Utah home.