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Navigating the legal and social realms of a foreign country can be overwhelming when beginning or growing a business internationally. The Utah Global Forum will help business owners become more comfortable maneuvering the international law and logistics needed to move into foreign markets.

“Today’s global supply chain is highly efficient and cost effective but also very complex and not without risks,” said Tony Crisafulli, vice president of operations for OOCL (USA), Inc. “During the Utah Global Forum, we will develop a simple but robust supply chain risk management model.”

Crisafulli will be a featured presenter on global supply chains at the Utah Global Forum at the Salt Palace Convention Center on August 26. Following his presentation, an in-depth panel will examine the details of supply chain management.

Additionally, the panel will offer practical recommendations on how to select foreign suppliers and accurately measure their performance. This information will contribute to a company’s growth strategy, how to evaluate supply chain risk as part of a market entry strategy, how to appropriately prioritize markets for sequencing entry, and what to expect in terms of transportation and carrier issues.

Panel members include:
•    Tony Crisafulli, vice president of operations, OOCL (USA), Inc.
•    Ted Esplin, VP of US operations, Lifetime Products
•    Paul Whitlock, director of planning and supply chain, IM Flash
•    Matt Szuhaj, director of strategy and operations, Deloitte Consulting LLP
•    Lisa Cox, director of operations, Freightlink Air & Sea International
•    Simon Greathead, supply chain professor, BYU
•    Barbara Bagnasacco, partner, Kirton McConkie

The Utah Global Forum on importing and exporting will focus on a total of four key components: successfully marketing in foreign countries, global supply chain, cybersecurity and international finance strategies. Each topic will be highlighted in an engaging, fast-paced presentation, after which attendees will be able to go to an in-depth breakout session about the subject they found most interesting.

Register by August 12 for a discounted price. To learn more and to register for the event, visit