Jive Expands Hosted VoIP and Cloud Communications to Mexico

Pete CodellaNews

Jive Communications, Inc., a global provider of enterprise-grade Unified Communications—voice, video conferencing, visual audio conference rooms, and more—today announced the expansion of world-class hosted voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and cloud communication services to Mexico and opening of offices in Jalisco. Jive has over 10,000 business customers in the United States today and a proven track record of exceptional service. Jive recently won the Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices award in 2014. Jive will open offices in Jalisco, Mexico and has launched services throughout all of Mexico.

Given Mexico’s large population, healthy and friendly business environment, Internet infrastructure accessible by 46 million people, and the telecom reformation of 2014 forming the IFT, Mexico presented an opportunity for Jive to engage in its first international expansion. Jive required access to a large population with a highly educated work force and an environment of high-tech in order to find and attract top engineering, technical support, and sales individuals in Mexico. Jalisco, the “Silicon Valley of Mexico,” fit the requirements.

“Access to a highly educated base of talent was a critical requirement in deciding where to establish our Mexico offices,” said Dano Ybarra, Vice President of International Business Development. “Jalisco is home to 12 World-class Universities and 71 technology schools generating over 7,000 technical and engineering graduates each year. Jalisco, with over 600 high-tech companies was a natural choice to establish the home for our industry leading communications solutions.”

Jive has already invested over USD $1M in infrastructure and channel development in Mexico in preparation for the launch of its services. With colocation space in a data center in Mexico and over 60 resellers signed up, Jive is ready to fully launch services in Mexico.

“As an early adopter of the Jive solution in Mexico, we have saved money on our telephony services and increased productivity by taking advantage of other Jive features such as mobility, unlimited audio conference rooms, integration with Zoho, and putting all of our offices ‘under one roof,’” said Jose Ramon Leon Ortiz, XXXX at BlackTrust. “Jive’s solution allows all remote workers and remote offices to share the same phone and communication system enhancing communications. In addition, when Jive updates their system, like the recent addition of visual conference rooms, we get the upgrade automatically at no additional cost and without lifting a finger!”

Jive services are available immediately. For pricing information please contact your local reseller or es.jive.com.