Please note: This information was last updated many years ago and is here to preserve a historical record. The contents of this post may be out of date and no longer applicable to GOED's work.

In an increasingly competitive and connected world, it’s important that students in K-12 schools have access to modern computers. This month, the broadband mapping team mapped data published in the Utah State Board of Education’s report Highway to Our Future: Technology for Utah Schools – May 2013.

SchoolstoComputerRatioStudent to Computer Ratio:

Daggett, Tintic, and North Summit School Districts had the highest student to computer ratios, with 100% of the schools reporting a 1:1 student to computer ratio. These are smaller districts with 3 – 6 schools.

Alpine, Nebo, Murray, and Morgan School Districts had the most schools reporting the lowest student to computer ratio with 50% or more of schools reporting 1:4 or greater student to computer ratio.


Alpine School District is one of the largest in the state with 73 schools, while the others range from 4 – 42 schools.

ComputersOver5Percentage of Computers 5 years or older:

The school districts that reported the highest percentage of computers over 5 years old are Duchesne, Granite, Morgan, Juab, Washington, and Kane School Districts. 58% or more computers in these districts are 5 years or older as of May 2013. The school districts reporting the newest computers are Canyons, Nebo, Daggett, and Park City School Districts. These districts reported 10% or less of their computers were 5 years or older.