The Governor’s Office of Economic Development would like to bring this press release to your attention. If you like goldfish as much as we do you will find it to be really yummy! Look for the RU label on your goldfish and you will know they were manufactured in Utah.

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Pepperidge Farm Celebrates the Opening of a $45 Million Expansion to Manufacturing Facility in Richmond, Utah

RICHMOND, UTAH, OCT. 7, 2013 – Pepperidge Farm executives, including Irene Chang Britt, President, today celebrated the completion of a $45 million expansion to the company’s manufacturing facility in Richmond, Utah, with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The occasion marked the start of production on a new Goldfish® cracker line and was attended by leaders from the state of Utah, Cache County and the city of Richmond. Britt said expansion in Richmond was necessary to continue to satisfy growing demand for Goldfish® crackers.

“Sales of Goldfish® crackers continue to grow consistently, and expanding our production capacity is critical for us to stay ahead of this demand,” she said. “We appreciate the support we’ve received from the state of Utah, in particular the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Economic Development Council of Utah, the Cache County Development Office and Chamber of Commerce, and the city of Richmond.”

In addition to the new Goldfish® cracker line, the expansion added the latest technology and state-of-the-art production capabilities to the site in Richmond, Pepperidge Farm’s only manufacturing facility in the west of the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, 94,000 square feet and improved facilities were added to the already 225,000 square foot site.

Due largely to strong support, the project was completed three months ahead of scheduled and under budget. The project was managed by Pepperidge Farm and construction was handled by The Austin Company of Cleveland, Ohio.

In Richmond, Pepperidge Farm currently produces around 60 million pounds of cookies, crackers and frozen products each year, including Milano® cookies.


Spencer Eccles, Executive Director, Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development; Jeff Edwards, Economic Development Council of Utah; Lynn Lemon, Cache County Executive; Mike Hall, Mayor of Richmond; Bill Livingstone, Vice President, Operations, Pepperidge Farm; Irene Chang Britt, President, Pepperidge Farm, Vic Mahoney, Plant Manager, Richmond; Utah State Representative Jack Draxler; Sandy Emile, President, Cache County Chamber of Commerce; Utah Senator Lyle Hillyard

About Pepperidge Farm
Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, is a leading provider of premium quality fresh bakery products, cookies, crackers, and frozen foods. Among the company’s most popular products are Milano® and Sausalito® cookies, Goldfish® crackers, frozen Puff Pastry, frozen garlic loaves and Texas toasts, and more than 50 varieties of fresh baked breads including Pepperidge Farm® Swirl, Farmhouse and Whole Grain and Ecce Panis® artisan breads. Pepperidge Farm was founded in Connecticut in 1937 by Margaret Rudkin, an entrepreneurial homemaker who began baking fresh bread for her allergy-afflicted son. Today, the company has nine bakeries and more than 4,000 employees. Pepperidge Farm has been part of Campbell Soup Company since 1961.