STEM 2018

Students Get Amped on STEM

Pete CodellaNews

In Utah, a visit to a Jazz game or our state colleges’ stadiums is proof positive that we get fired up over local superstars — and that we know how to make noise. STEM Fest’s 4th annual showcase of standout Utah STEM companies on October Oct. 23 to 24 underscored our propensity for being loud and proud.

There’s nothing like a conference center packed with thousands of K-12 grade students and their families to amp up the decibels. The buzz about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities was literally palpable.

Utah STEM Fest is a production of the Utah STEM Action Center, with support from more than 100 STEM-related organizations and exhibiting sponsors including US Synthetic, the Governor’s Office of Energy Development, Rio Tinto, IM Flash, Dominion Energy and more.

Held at the Mountain America Expo Center, the event was a hands-on showcase of applied science and technology projects that spark children’s interests in STEM career opportunities available in Utah. This year’s highlights included interactive drone and robot exhibits, live performances by educational BMX performance group StuntMasters, and local magician Paul Brewer’s STEM Shows on public night, which are renowned among schools statewide for their engaging and entertaining fusion of scientific principles and comedic flair.

This year’s STEM Fest drew thousands of students from schools statewide during two days of field-trip sessions. It also featured a free-admission STEM Fest Family Night. And it wasn’t all about the noise — new this year was a sensory-friendly event for students with special needs and their families.

Toned-down or full-blast, STEM Fest stirred quite the buzz among those individuals who, in many cases, were able to experience hands-on STEM activities that certainly sparked interests in STEM careers — particularly the thousands of high-paying jobs with superstar STEM companies right here at home.

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STEM Fest 2018