Utah Legislature Okays Online Insurance and HR Company Offerings

Pete CodellaNews

During its recent session, the Utah Legislature updated the statutory insurance inducement definitions to allow online companies, such as the human resource software company Zenefits, to conduct business in Utah.

With the cooperation of the Utah Legislature, the Governor’s Office, and the Utah Insurance Commission, HB 141 will be ceremonially signed into law on April 13. The signing will include a number of members from Utah’s technology and business startup community.

“Utah is open for business and we work very hard to make sure we have a level playing field so all businesses have a chance to compete,” said Gov. Gary R. Herbert. “There are always going to be innovators and disruptors as technology accelerates business growth and we believe government needs to be able to work with these innovators to ensure strong and efficient economic policies and an open marketplace.”

By quickly addressing the online disruptive innovation in its limited 45-day legislative session, Utah is showcasing how a nimble, efficient government can work with all community members to achieve common goals and provide a fertile ground for business growth.

“With the leadership of Gov. Herbert, Rep. John Knotwell, and Sen. Curt Bramble, and the support of thousands of Utahns who spoke up in support of innovation and competition, it’s easy to see why Utah has earned a strong reputation as a pro-business, pro-technology state,” said Parker Conrad, CEO and co-founder of Zenefits. “Zenefits is excited to be growing in the Beehive State, and we’re looking forward to helping Utah’s small businesses focus on their people instead of paperwork.”

For State of Utah officials, the message underlying the bill signing is one of willingness to embrace change.

“We want to continue sending the message that Utah is the best state for business,” said Val Hale, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. “Utah not only welcomes business to our state, we will also work with you to help your business grow, innovate, disrupt, and ultimately prosper. This help would not be possible without our proactive legislature. It’s through their work and leadership that our state is able to set the bar so high as ‘A Best State for Business.’”

HB 141 was co-sponsored by Rep. John Knotwell and Sen. Curtis Bramble during the 45-day, 2015 Utah legislative session.