Podcast: Building Utah’s Future — A Conversation with Tech Innovators

Kaitlyn ClarkeBusiness Elevated Podcast

Business Elevated Podcast (Season 6 Episode 4)

This podcast series features business and government leaders discussing what it’s like to live and work in the great state of Utah.

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In this episode, Pete Codella, managing director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, talks with Hunter Manz, CEO of Eden Technologies, and Gabi Tellez, managing director of the Utah Innovation Fund. In December 2023, the Utah Innovation Fund invested $250K in Eden Technologies for their reverse osmosis centrifuge (ROC) technology. 

Manz shares his journey from Las Vegas to Utah, detailing his experiences as a Utah Tech University student entrepreneur and Eden Technologies inception. They explore the revolutionary technology behind the company, focusing on its potential to enhance water desalination efficiency and provide clean water solutions globally. Manz highlights the crucial role of persistence and community support in entrepreneurial success, emphasizing Utah’s vibrant innovation and business growth ecosystem.  

Tellez shares her journey from Southern California to Utah, highlighting the state’s allure with its stunning landscapes and career opportunities. She delves into the genesis of the Utah Innovation Fund, a $15 million venture capital initiative that supports early-stage companies based in Utah rooted in higher education. With a focus on sectors like aerospace, defense, biotech, and healthcare, Tellez emphasizes the fund’s role in bridging the gap between academia and industry, catalyzing innovation, and retaining talent within the state.