Podcast: Dan Lambert — Preserving and Extending Patients’ Lives

Kaitlyn ClarkeBusiness Elevated Podcast

Business Elevated Podcast (Season 6 Episode 5)

This podcast series features business and government leaders discussing what it’s like to live and work in the great state of Utah.

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In this episode, Pete Codella, managing director of business services at the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, talks with Dan Lambert, CEO of PathologyWatch.

Lambert shares his entrepreneurial journey and the transformative impact of digital pathology and AI research on healthcare. He discusses his move from Manhattan to Utah, citing the primary factors of lower operational costs and the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Lambert reflects on the company’s role in processing skin biopsies digitally, leveraging AI research for diagnosis and prognosis.

According to Lambert, digital pathology enhances accuracy, facilitates physician collaboration, and streamlines workflows. He emphasizes the significance of AI in pattern recognition, particularly in early cancer detection, citing personal experience with melanoma diagnosis.

He touts Utah’s supportive environment for startups, attributing its success to a blend of local talent, accessible venture capital, and a hunger for problem-solving. Lambert envisions PathologyWatch’s continued growth, emphasizing the importance of tackling significant challenges with innovative solutions in the evolving healthcare landscape.