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Kaitlyn ClarkeBusiness Elevated Podcast

Business Elevated Podcast (Season 6 Episode 7)

This podcast series features business and government leaders discussing what it’s like to live and work in the great state of Utah.

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In this episode, Pete Codella, managing director of business services at the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, talks with Ryan Westwood, chairman and CEO of Fullcast.

Westwood shares insights into his entrepreneurial journey and the unique aspects of doing business in Utah. He reflects on his international experiences that led him to embrace opportunities for growth and innovation. Westwood delves into the founding of Fullcast and its recent move to Salt Lake City, highlighting its mission to create jobs and contribute to Utah’s economy. 

He provides valuable insights into the company’s fundraising process and emphasizes the support from local investors and the significance of female investors in the company’s success. Westwood praises the state’s thriving university entrepreneurship programs and collaborative ecosystem of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

He also discusses the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in guiding decision-making processes, shares strategic insights into navigating challenges and staying ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, and much more.