Podcast: Vanessa Quigley — Hold On to What Matters ®

Kaitlyn ClarkeBusiness Elevated Podcast

Business Elevated Podcast (Season 5 Episode 36)

This podcast series features business and government leaders discussing what it’s like to live and work in the great state of Utah.

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In this episode, Pete Codella, managing director of business services at the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, talks with Vanessa Quigley, co-founder and chatbooker-in-chief of Chatbooks.

Quigley shares insights into her journey of building a successful business and her unique challenges as a woman entrepreneur. She discusses her unexpected entry into the business world, highlights Chatbooks’ mission to strengthen families, and shares the company’s evolution.  

Quigley shares the company’s unique culture, team structure, and initiatives supporting work-life balance, mental health, and family-oriented benefits. She also discusses its commitment to keeping a small company culture by focusing on individual team members’ well-being and much more.