Enhancing Capital Access for Utah’s Small Businesses

Kaitlyn ClarkeUSBCI

The Utah Small Business Credit Initiative (USBCI) announces the launch of the Loan Participation Program (LPP), complementing our existing Capital Access Program (CAP). These initiatives underscore our office’s dedication to supporting Utah’s small businesses, particularly those facing challenges in obtaining traditional financing.


USBCI collaborates with key financial institutions and economic development partners to deliver the CAP and LPP programs effectively. Current primary lenders include:

  • Capital Access Program Primary Lenders: Desert Rivers Credit Union, First Utah Bank, MoFi, and Suazo Business Center.
  • Loan Participation Program Primary Lenders: Brighton Bank, Desert Rivers Credit Union, First Community Bank, MoFi, Mountain West Small Business Finance, and Suazo Business Center.

These partnerships foster a thriving environment for small businesses across Utah. More lenders have expressed interest in the USBCI program. We’ll announce additional lenders as we complete new lender onboarding.

Financing Programs Overview

  • CAP: Since spring 2023, CAP has provided funds to a dedicated loan loss reserve account that lenders can utilize if a loan defaults. Approved loan loss reserve accounts are eligible for the USBCI CAP in an amount equal to the premiums paid by the borrower and the financial institution lender to the reserve fund. The USBCI CAP helps lenders fund projects considered too risky for conventional lending, encouraging them to extend credit to more small businesses and startups.
  • LPP: Newly introduced, the LPP acquires up to 50% of a small business loan up to a maximum of $1,000,000, reducing financial strain and offering better rates and terms, focusing on underserved communities.


Eligible businesses must be registered and operate within Utah, ranging from very small (fewer than 10 employees) to more established entities (up to 500 employees for CAP and less than 750 employees for LPP). This inclusivity ensures a wide array of businesses can leverage USBCI programs, contributing to Utah’s economic diversity and resilience.

USBCI is committed to providing more than just financial solutions; we’re building a foundation for the success and prosperity of Utah’s small businesses. Join us in this journey toward a more economically resilient and innovative future.

Are you a lender interested in participating or a business that would like your preferred lender to become a USBCI primary lender? Contact our team at capitalaccess@utah.gov.