Utah-Based Company Offers Medical-Grade Disinfecting Services

Pete CodellaArticles, COVID-19

As business owners manage the “new normal” of the coronavirus pandemic, many want to ensure the environment that they welcome back customers and employees is as clean, sanitary and healthy as possible.

Escape Cleaning Services, and the trio of owner Scott Valdez, Ryan Bagshaw and Lance Bagshaw, go the extra mile to ensure homes and workplaces are as safe as possible using nontoxic electrostatic hospital-grade to disinfect touchable services. The Utah-based company helps businesses and homeowners achieve a higher level of disinfecting utilized in hospitals, schools and other government entities.  

“Our dedicated employees work tirelessly to keep Utah business open, clean and safe in this new work-life future,” said Scott Valdez, owner of Escape Cleaning Services. “Our mission is simple. We offer the services of this new industry at an affordable and fair price.”

The company offers customizable programs for each customer ranging from daily, weekly or monthly services needed to businesses open and safe. Its services include preventative maintenance such as disinfecting and cleaning, and having team members treat for confirmed COVID-19 cases.

“Our products are earth-friendly, pet safe, and do not require a huge amount of time to treat areas,” notes Valdez. “Once we complete the treatment, you are safe to go back into the environment, and in some cases, there is no need to leave the home or business we are treating.”

Escape Cleaning Services are based on square footage, frequency of the treatments and the products used. Businesses that use the company’s services include golf courses, bars, restaurants and a host of others. Additionally, the company offers weekly on-site programs for recovery centers where patients are not able to leave.