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Podcast: Utah’s 2021-22 EDTIF Program Summary

Kaitlyn ClarkeBusiness Elevated Podcast

Business Elevated Podcast (Season 4 Episode 23)

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In this episode, hear from Go Utah’s corporate retention and recruitment team, including the office Deputy Director Ben Hart, Director of Corporate Growth and Business Development Daniel Royal, and Analyst Abby Hunsaker.

The three join podcast host Pete Codella, Go Utah’s communications director, to provide an overview of the state’s post-performance tax credit, commonly known as EDTIF, and discuss noteworthy accomplishments from the state’s 2022 fiscal year.

The group also discusses the rural REDTIF program and highlights corporate investment in rural Utah during this fiscal year. Learn more about the state’s corporate retention and recruitment program here, and check out a data table containing all of the state’s EDTIF incentives here.

Check out our announcement touting fiscal year 2022 EDTIF accomplishments here.