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Utah Broadband Project
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Utah Broadband Outreach Center

The Utah Broadband Outreach Center is a state program focused on promoting the development of broadband infrastructure for economic development. The center maintains Utah’s interactive residential broadband availability map and a commercial broadband economic development map at The center is located in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and mapping services are provided by the Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC).

The Utah Broadband Outreach Center is working with broadband providers, local and state policymakers, consumers, community institutions, and other stakeholders to explore the state of broadband in Utah, improve efficiencies, and expand deployment and usage statewide. Economic development, energy efficiency, and advances in education and health care rely not only on broadband infrastructure, but also on the knowledge and tools to leverage that infrastructure.

Broadband Outreach Center News
The Utah Broadband Outreach Center maintains an extensive website with information on broadband expansion in Utah. The center’s website providers updated news and information on telecommunications policy, infrastructure deployment and strategies for communities to increase infrastructure.


bg-plan-index4“Like electricity a century ago, broadband is a foundation for economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness and a better way of life.· It is enabling entire new industries and unlocking vast new possibilities for existing ones.· It is changing how we educate children, deliver health care, manage energy, ensure public safety, engage government, and access, organize and disseminate knowledge.”

-National Broadband Plan, Federal Communications Commission



Utah Broadband Advisory Council

The Utah Broadband Advisory Council meets to coordinate and collaborate on broadband adoption and deployment efforts in the State of Utah.  The Council also strives to provide the Governor and Legislature with recommendations and policy guidance. Members of the Council represent a diverse group of interests including legislators, economic development, state and local government, healthcare, education, libraries, public safety and tribal entities.

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