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January Map of the Month: Residential Broadband Providers By Utah Legislative District

The 2018 general session of the Legislature kicks off on Monday, January 22nd so, our January 2018 Map of the…
January 16, 2018
Featured image for “November 2017 Map of the Month: Sole Provider Areas”

November 2017 Map of the Month: Sole Provider Areas

There are still quite a few areas in Utah that have a sole provider of high speed broadband service. This…
November 22, 2017

Spring 2017 Updates to Center’s Broadband Maps

All Spring 2017 broadband coverage and speed updates submitted to the Center’s mapping team have been updated in the residential…
May 3, 2017

February 2016 MOTM: States’ FirstNet Coverage Objective Maps Released in RFP

The federal-level First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) issued its Request for Proposals (RFP) for the deployment of the nationwide public safety broadband network on January 13.…
February 4, 2016

October 2015 Map of the Month: Utah FirstNet Coverage Objectives

The October 2015 Map of the Month shows Utah’s FirstNet Coverage Goals for the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN).…
October 30, 2015

Proposed Federal Legislation Updates

Updated November 29, 2016 As the 114th Congress winds down, progress with proposed legislation has been extremely limited.  Recently, however, the…
October 27, 2015

April 2014 Map of the Month: Utah Broadband Landscape at a Glance

Twice a year, the Utah Broadband Project updates the statewide broadband coverage map data. Utah’s latest update was submitted to…
April 17, 2014